A History of Success and Innovation
As early as 1995, Omega Solutions was one of the early pioneers in web-based eCommerce solutions. Throughout the company's evolution, Omega's leadership focused on staying at the forefront of developing technology that provides effective business management solutions to many diverse industries.

Our expertise encompasses Business Application Development, Systems Prgramming, Saas(software as a service) and Cloud Computing data managment and inventory control software(including Point-of-Sale, Client Management and Fulfillment). The Omega Solutions team is instrumental in working closely with client management teams to recommend, develop and implement best practice business solutions.


transactWith an integrated Orders database, TSC consolidates Web Transactions, Customer Service Input and Point of Sale Transactions (POS).



convergeTSC can import and convert data from dissimilar databases and consolidate multiple data streams into one data warehouse.



manageRobust reporting and data consolidation offers the ability to manage Sales, Inventory, Fulfillment, Customer Info and more.